FORLOH Insect Shield SolAir Hoody

Beat the heat and the bugs with this hoody

Forget the messy sunscreen and bug repellent! FORLOH keeps you protected from both with its 100-percent American-made Insect Shield SolAir hooded long sleeve shirt.

The company’s brrr Pro technology keeps your skin temperature cool, while keeping you dry thanks to its ultra-quick drying time. The 50+ UPF rating allows you to stay in the sun longer, without getting burned.

Infused with Insect Shield that lasts the life of the garment, you’re protected from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, flies, and more without the smell associated with traditional repellents.

Available in numerous colors and in mens and womens sizes, this shirt also features an antimicrobial scent control system that keeps you smelling fresher and less detectable (to both humans and animals), even when you can’t make it to the shower or washing machine for an extended period of time.

This is the ultimate shirt for your warm-weather adventures.

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