Rodholders key to stalking crappie

Driftmaster’s line of crappie-style rod holders make setting the hook using long rods much easier.

Driftmaster Rodholders, a division of Black River Tools, is the manufacturer of one of the most innovative rod holders designed specifically for spider-rigging for crappie.

Driftmaster’s design is called the Crappie Stalker system.

Unlike a T-bar system where up to four rods are all tied together in a one-piece rack, the Crappie Stalkers are designed to totally isolate rods and eliminate rod movement caused by an adjacent rod.

Adjusting one rod on a T-bar system can cause the others to move, which ends up spooking fish or making it difficult to detect a bite. The Crappie Stalker rod holder secures each rod in its own T-bar, eliminating movement of one rod while adjusting another.

Less spooked fish means more strikes.

Since each Crappie Stalker rod holder mounts individually, total customization of your fishing platform is achieved with the system.

This new system is available with gun-slinger style (V-shaped) rod holders or Driftmaster’s original Li’l Pro (U-shaped) holders.

An additional benefit is that the Crappie Stalker T-bar components allow unlimited adjustment in any direction. This low profile design allows the Crappie Stalker rod holder to be folded down close to boat’s deck when not in use, thus freeing up more deck space for travel.

“This is one of the aspects of crappie fishing that was suggested by my pro-staff,” Driftmaster president David Baynard said. “These guys fish year round all over the country and pointed out that when one rod in a conventional system gets a bite or gets hung up in heavy cover, it’s nearly impossible to detect bites on the other rods.

“This system allows separation of each rod in its completely independent rack. No more bouncing rods and missing fish.”

For more information about Driftmaster rod holders, visit their website at

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