Jackhammer a step forward for vibrating jigs

Z-Man JackHammer

Z-Man turned the fishing world on its head when it introduced its ChatterBait, the first vibrating jig that just flat catches fish of all kinds.

And now it’s elevating the line of lures with the JackHammer.

This version of the lure is a partnership between Z-Man and Japanese lure manufacturer Ever Green, and the result is a lure composed of the highest grade materials possible.

The JackHammer features Gamakatsu hardware, including a heavy wire flipping hook with the proper length, gap and point to ensure high hook-up ratios. The double-wire trailer keeper holds soft plastics securely in place.

A redesigned stainless steel blade that enhances the action of the lure. The head has a flat bottom and low center of gravity combines with the bead to allow the lure to start vibrating quickly and move in an erratic, side-to-side motion that perfectly mimics a fleeing baitfish.

“It’s more aggressive,” Z-Man’s Denis Breaud said.

The design allows the lure to easily deflect off of cover, as well as skip beneath docks and overhanging trees.

As if all that weren’t enough, a channeled groove along the bottom of the head positions the blade low enough to strike the head, producing a signature chattering sound.

The premium hand-tied silicon skirts come in 10 colors, and the heads and blades come in highly detailed color-matched schemes.

The JackHammer retails for $15.99.

More Info: www.zmanfishing.com

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