Will the string trick remove a hook from the lip?

Jay Forest hooked himself in the lip recently, so he decided to let another camp member try to pull the hook using the old string trick. Watch the vid to see if it was successful.

Watch this vid as the string trick is used in an attempt to remove a hook from this angler’s top lip

I’ve had a treble hook jammed into my jawline, so when I heard that fellow Louisiana Publishing employee Jay Forest had speared himself in the top lip with a jig hook I had to shiver a bit.

The best thing to say about it is that Jay did it to himself while fishing off a pier: At least he couldn’t blame anyone else.

But the fact remained that a hook had sunken to the bend just below his nose – and he was at the extreme lower reaches of the Bayou Black marsh in Louisiana. It would take roughly 1 1/2 hours just to get back to the landing.

So what was he to do? Have one of the others at the camp snatch it out using the old string trick.

Always one to help out, Tony Taylor with our sister magazine Louisiana Sportsman stepped up while his wife Ann shot the whole fiasco with her iPhone.

The attached vid begins with Jay explaining the plan.

“We’re going to wrap this string around this end here (the bend of the hook) … and hold (the lip) so the whole lip don’t actually come off, and then Tony’s going to POP — and hopefully it comes out,” Jay said, while holding the jighead in place to keep it from moving around in his lip.

The video then shows Jay in the bathroom of the camp, with Tony ready to pull on the string and Jay and another member of the crew holding his lip to keep it from stretching.

Will the old string trick work in such a sensitive (and stretchy) spot? Watch the vid to find out.

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