Bloodsport Night Fury Extreme broadhead

Need a mechanical broadhead that flies exactly like a field point?

Bloodsport’s Night Fury Extreme broadhead utilizes a patented, cross-opening build that contains the blades for a true flight path. The blades are tucked in tightly, reducing the exposed surface area to a minute amount. This means the broadhead truly flies like a field point, and hunters can trust the shot when it counts most.

The Night Fury Extreme is perfect for higher-poundage draw weights. It offers 2¼-inch blades that will increase hemorrhaging, leaving better blood trails and quicker kill times. The chisel tip is a bone crusher, and the 420 steel blades slice through thick hides to quickly reach the vital organs. A 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule is rigid, lightweight and ultra-durable. This broadhead is perfect for compound bows and crossbows.

The blade retention system holds the position until the point of impact. On impact, the razor-sharp blades release and penetrate entirely.

MSRP: $309.99

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