Enticing barrier bucks into the open

Buck attractants can still be effective to pull deer away from woodland barriers.

Bucks really like to hang out in barrier habitats and thicket hideouts, and hunters are always looking for a way to encourage them out of the cover and into the open.

The growing trend to do this is to apply a supplemental ingredient, like setting out some Buck Warrior Buck Powder and or a dose of ME2 mineral mix.

These supplemental deer management products have a proven track record of growing healthier, bigger, and stronger deer, with a side benefit of pulling deer out of dense habitats.

These supplemental blends of grains, plant proteins, salt, trace minerals, molasses, and calcium with natural and artificial flavors are hard to pass up for an antler-producing buck looking for the necessary nutrition for increased hard boney material above the natural hairline.

The ME2 is a mixture of minerals and essential elements designed to promote deer health and antler development. This blend contains calcium, chloride, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, and several other minerals.

Product developer and owner, Ron Eller is often asked about his produce name, ME2.

“It just occurred to me one day when I was testing the mix of this mineral blend that I often told hunters that I wanted healthier deer, and bigger bucks with huge racks, Eller said. “They always replied ‘well, me, too.’ That is how the name stuck.”

Every hunter wants an edge to grow bigger, better bucks.

“People can check out my Facebook page under Buck Warrior to read the many testimonials we got from hunters using the product last year,” Eller said. “Not only are our two mixes highly beneficial to deer health and antler growth, but Buck Warrior products have been shown to have active attractant characteristics as well.

“We have had deer hunters report back to us that almost immediately after putting out a small amount of our supplement blends that deer start coming to it. Some say it actually happens within minutes, while others say they catch bucks on their cameras within an hour of putting out Buck Warrior. We know our products have a very attractive scent, and we have proven this will attract deer.”

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