Flextone Buck Collector Plus

Tired of having a handful of deer calls hanging from lanyards around your neck while you’re perched in your tree stand?

Flextone’s Buck Collector Plus takes care of that problem, combining buck grunts, fawn and doe bleats all in one call.

The Buck Collector features Tru-Touch buttons that allow a hunter to seamlessly transition between different calls, tones and inflections. You can mimic a grunting buck or hot doe within a few seconds by just pressing buttons. In addition, it’s one of the easiest calls on the market to blow, making it the perfect, all-in-one call for beginners and young hunters.

A soft, flexible exterior makes this call easy to manipulate for natural sounds that change in tone and inflection. From a simple grunt to more complex vocalizations, the Buck Collector Plus will make the noises you want.

MSRP: $18.99

For more info, visit: flextonegamecalls.com

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