Gear must include mosquito protection

In addition to snake boots, early season archery hunters are wise to have an insect deterrent such as a Thermacell. A GPS, either in a cell phone or standalone, is another important tool for the hunter remaining in the woods after dark.

When gearing up for an early season archery hunt on a WMA — or anywhere else, for that matter — make sure to include some mosquito protection.

Mosquitoes now carry several diseases including Ziki and West Nile, which can ruin more than just a deer season.

If scent is a concern, try a device such as a ThermoCell.

Two other highly recommended devices: a charged cell phone and a backtracker GPS. Some WMAs have dense woods, making it easy to become lost. More than a few times, the MDWFP has been called out to find a lost hunter.

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