Looking for land in all the right places

Turkeys are the No. 2 focus of most hunt-club members; some clubs offer turkey-only memberships for hunters who don’t need deer-hunting land.

Here are some places where Mississippi hunters can look to find leases and where clubs can post to find members:

• Facebook: www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=mississippi%20hunting%20leases%20an%20club%20openings

Bull Nettle Forum: http://forums.bullnettlenews.com/38-hunting-fishing-places-locator

Weyerhaeuser: https://www.wyrecreation.com/leases

RMS: http://www.resourcemgt.com/hunting-recreation

Mississippi Market Bulletin: https://www.mdac.ms.gov/publications-forms/market-bulletin. Click link for Hunting & Fishing Leases & Memberships.

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Andy Douglas
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Andy Douglas is an outdoor writer and photographer from Brookhaven. A native of Lincoln County, he’s chased deer, turkeys, bass and most anything else the past 35 years. He lives the outdoor lifestyle and is passionate about sharing that with others through stories and photos.

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