Try rice bran for attracting deer

Instead of corn, try rice bran to attract deer to a trail cam. It’s more nutritious than corn and deer actually prefer its taste.

It’s a fact, if there is a best double cheeseburger out there hungry people are going to find it. They may have plenty to eat at home, but just the idea of a great snack being available is going to lure them into to checking it out. If it’s that good, they’ll be back, too.

Deer are the same way, and their search for the most nutritious found can help game managers and deer hunters.

In Mississippi it is now legal to feed deer with a mechanical feeder or other manner, and that creates more opportunities to learn more about them with trail camera surveys. Find a food they like, and need, and they will come

With this strategy, bucks can be observed, studied, and even patterned.

A lot of choices are available to put into deer feeders. The most common or popular choice, for whatever reason, is corn. It is cheap, readily available and easy to handle.

However, corn is not the best choice for supplying a nutritional value for wildlife. There are other better choices, but obviously providing the healthiest supplemental food is not always the goal of all hunters.

For many, it is about attracting bucks to a trail camera to record their existence or frequency visits on the property. Any nutritional value is often a secondary consideration. Deer like the taste of corn, which is high in carbohydrates, and they will come to it.

But, what if there is a food that deer find just as palatable and offers more dietary benefits?

There is — rice bran.

It offers a high fat content that translates into a higher energy level than that of other feeds. Rice bran is also high in phosphorus content, which is a valuable mineral for deer growth and health.

And yes, deer really like rice bran. They are readily attracted to it and consume it with passion.

While all this rice bran consumption is going on, the camera is literally rolling, which is the whole point. It’s a win-win situation.

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