Plano Edge Tackle Storage

Building on its popular 3600 and 3700 Stowaway tackle boxes, Plano Molding Systems has recently debuted a set of 10 different storage boxes that provide everything a fisherman could want in tackle storage.

The EDGE series boxes start with a cystal-clear lid so their contents can be identified quickly, without opening. They feature a Dri-Loc, waterproof seal, a moisture barrier that can’t be beat. A third new feature is a single latch that allows the box to be opened with one hand, so the box can be opened quickly and easily.

Plano’s new Rustrictor anti-corrosion compound is infused into the base of all EDGE boxes, preventing terminal tackle and bites from corroding. Water Wick provides further corrosion defense from a water-absorbing, desiccant divider. Vented dividers allow for air circulation within the box.

Different models range in MSRP from $19.99 to $49.99.

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