VersaMaxx Bolt popping cork

If you get frustrated by constantly having to stop fishing to adjust the length of the leader under your popping cork, the VersaMaxx Bolt is exactly what you’re looking for. Changing/experimenting with different depths as you fish has been proven to produce better results, but wired cork fishermen have hesitated to do this in the past because of the time it takes away from fishing. Not any longer — the VersaMaxx Bolt solves this problem.

The key to the cork’s effectiveness is its patented Leader Line Lengthening system — which allows you to load several feet of mono, braid or fluorocarbon on a small spool featuring a locking eyelet on the leader side of the cork.

Once it’s loaded, your leader length can be adjusted literally in seconds and you’ll be back to fishing in no time — without fumbling with spools of line, retying hooks or searching for snips.

The Bolt — which features a no-kink titanium wire, a stainless steel swivel and brass beads — comes in three colors which are solid to the core, so it won’t ever get discolored, chipped or cracked. And the foam material used in the cork (unique to any other cork on the market) aids in producing the perfect sound of popping shrimp with deadly accuracy. It’s not just about making noise — it’s about making the right noise.

The VersaMaxx Bolt sells for $6.99.

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