Summer on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast offers a lot of action for fishermen. Flounder are stacked in the shallows. Here’s how to take your share of these succulent flat fish.

Flounder without frying

This is a tasty and simple recipe for preparing flounder other than frying it. This recipe is about as simple as cooking gets and is a bit healthier. […]

How to debone a flounder

Completely removing the backbone of an odd-shaped fish like a flounder sounds like an impossible task, but Vern Becnel has mastered it. Try these steps. […]

The right equation for doormats

Find a ditch, a dock and an oyster bed in the same area, and you’ve got the makings of a great place to catch a late-season flounder in Mississippi. […]

Good to eat and fun to catch

Flounder swim along our shores and are ready for the taking, if you’re willing to go after them. That’s why you should try flounder gigging with the family. […]

Flat-out fun — Tips for catching flounder

Kyle Perry says bass anglers will see similarities in the approaches to putting delectable flounder in the boat this summer. […]

DIY Flounder Light

Capt. Ronnie Daniel’s DIY flounder light is extremely easy and inexpensive to make, is lightweight and has a long battery life. […]

Floundering equipment

Floundering is a fishing method that has low startup costs, with the only equipment being a gig, a light and a stringer. […]

A sissy’s guide to floundering on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Summer is no time to hide inside — not when flounder are stacked in the shallows along the coast. Here’s how to take your share of these succulent fish. […]