High-Noon Showdown

In the movie “Groundhog Day,” weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is doomed to repeat Groundhog Day again and again until he learns that his actions can affect the outcome.

Anyone addicted to turkey hunting can easily understand the frustration experienced by Connors of having to live out the same frustrating scenario day after day. And such was the case for me during the 1992 spring turkey season. […]

As Big As they Grow

It’s still fun whether fish bite or not

“Y’all having fun, yet?”

The question, hollered at no one in particular, was a short, cynical editorial designed to relieve the tournament fisherman’s frustration on a day when the crappie were not cooperating. The non-response he got spoke volumes from his tournament competitors who were in earshot and not catching fish. […]


Stolen Hunts

You wait all year to deer hunt on your private property or lease. You spend endless hours planning. You fork out hundreds of dollars on food plots, other habitat improvements, maintenance and hunting gear. Excitement and anticipation build at a rapid rate. You are ready to hunt.

Then opening day finally rolls around, and you arrive at camp to find the gate lock is busted. The fence is run over or cut down. Hunting stands are vandalized, knocked over or, worse yet, gone altogether. Big-wheeled ruts are cut all over your planted plots. A deer carcass litters the camp road ditch, missing just the head.

Obviously, it’s a buck you didn’t get to harvest. Somebody else beat you to it. Trespassers and poachers have wrecked your hunting area and deflated your enthusiasm for a successful hunting season. […]