Bass Fishing

Schooling bass and lily pads

I love to fish lily pads, which provide both shade and cover for at Ross Barnett bass, in August. Ross Barnett features many underwater stump fields in shallow water where the bass can hold, which is where the baitfish and the bass will be. […]


Destination: Calling Panther Lake

Directions: Calling Panther Lake, a 512-acre lake managed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, is located in Copiah County, 5 miles west of Crystal Springs off New Zion Rd. The nearest street address is 1000 Gaddy Ln., Crystal Springs, MS 39059. GPS – N31.984 726, W90.475 823. […]

Bass Fishing

What to throw at night

Weedless: Any of the myriad of plastic frogs or critter baits is a good choice in weeds, grass and lily pads. Techniques for day fishing can be used after sunset. Slowing down the retrieve just a little will keep the bait in the strike zone a little longer, giving the bass more time to strike. […]