Deer Hunting

Carruth is proof that women can be good bowhunters

Paula Carruth of Brandon has competed in bass tournaments with her husband, Jimmy Carruth, for many years, forming one of the most formidable and respected teams on Barnett Reservoir. You will find her standing shoulder to shoulder with him, flipping and pitching into heavy vegetation and horsing out any lunkers that mistakenly grab her lures. […]

Deer Hunting

Insane over Axe Broadheads

Ken Lancaster is a bow hunter. It is as much a part of his fabric as his genetic code.

“People who know me through our outdoors television show or the time I spent managing the bow shop at Van’s in Brandon, realize I am first and foremost an archery hunter,” said Lancaster, star of the Antler Insanity TV series. “Sure I still gun hunt some, but the biggest thrill for me is to pull back on my Elite bow on a big buck at a short bow hunting range. To me this is the real challenging part of bow hunting. […]

Deer Hunting

The super six

How many hunters have skipped Sunday school or church to go deer hunting? You’ll have a difficult time selling that after reading about how Chip Henderson, pastor at Pinelake Baptist Church in Rankin County, tagged his trophy Dec. 30. […]

Deer Hunting

The perfect bow-hunting stand setup

Compared to setting up an ideal bow-hunting tree stand, situating a gun-hunting shooting house or ground blind is a piece of cake. If for no other reason than shooting ranges, an effective bow stand requires a lot more attention to finer details. […]


Arrow Tips

Archery season in most of Mississippi opens Oct. 1. For deer hunters, it is a special time, as it begins the four-month deer season. […]


Time for a bowhunting tune up

Take a minute to pull back on your bow to see how your shoulder feels. “Ouch!” is a common response I hear around the bow shops this time of year. Hunters are getting ready for opening day of bowseason for whitetails on Oct. 1 (Oct. 15 in Southeast). It isn’t a moment too soon either. […]