Bass Fishing

The Stanley Standup Football Jig

Lonnie Stanley does more than talk a good bass fishing game; he makes solid baits, too.

The East Texas native who lives in Huntington, Texas, home of Stanley Jigs, has been making artificial lures for more than 30 years that are good enough for the pros to catch bass on, which “makes it a lot easier for the regular guy to catch fish,” Stanley told in 2015. […]


The big screen advantage

“Multifunction display” grows in meaning with each new generation of marine electronics. Sonar functions now include traditional down-looking 2-D scanning with and without CHIRP, high-definition side and down scanning, live forward scanning, 360-degree circular scanning and a choice of frequencies to optimize each type for either maximum detail or greatest scanning depth/distance. […]

Deer Hunting

Helping your deer herd

I sit down to write this installment of Happy Trails after spending yesterday morning in the deer woods of southwest Mississippi, attending to tasks associated with supplemental feeder sites and salt/mineral stations. It was hot and humid and horse flies the size of nickels were buzzing around our heads, but other than that it was a fun and interesting time. […]


Coleman and Capps love deep cranking

For the last 20 years, the team of Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman has been the team to beat on national crappie tournament circuits. The duo has developed tournament crappie tactics so successful that manufacturers began creating rods, rigs, and lures just for that style of fishing.  […]


One head, different colors

Veteran crappie angler Les Smith highly recommends Road Runner jigheads for his style of power trolling. He said the balance of the jig, along with the additional flash provided by the spinner blade works well when power trolling. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Trip information

Where to go: Veteran crappie angler Les Smith has friends who have successfully used power-trolling techniques all across the country, but he knows how well it works on north Mississippi’s four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control lakes along the state’s I-55 crappie corridor. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Fish Sensory Systems – Part 1

A fish’s survival depends on its ability to sense its environment. Anglers, of course, are most concerned about feeding — how fish detect, select, and ultimately attack and consume food. We make the assumption that sensory systems involved in feeding are equally involved in catching fish with lures or real food impaled on a hook. […]