The Cobia Machine

Thirty-five miles south of Horn Island in the Gulf of Mexico, we spotted a jack-up rig that seemed to be calling our names. As we approached it, we saw what we’d hoped — two cobia, a 40-pounder and a 10-pounder. […]


Spring is best time for wildlife plantings

Garden Mama is a local Jackson radio personality whose real name is Nellie Neal. She is the quintessential gardening, planting, pruning and botanical expert. Her call-in show offers plenty of practical advice on a wide variety of gardening and general plant care information and suggestions for how to help yard and garden plants propagate and survive. […]


New radar takes worry out of being close

Jokes about small-boat radars have historically run rampant: “Did you know you can either run radar on your bass/bay boat OR have children later in life?” and “I like having radar on my 18-foot boat. On cold days it keeps my head warm!” are two of my favorites, but they go on and on. […]


Sterile crappie much better for ponds

Mississippi is home to some of the best crappie fishing in the country. The fertile waters and long growing season are conducive to fast growth. When year-class strength is moderate, the crappie can grow to more than 1 pound in three to four years, and fishing is fantastic. […]


New Land, New Opportunities

Good deer hunting land is getting more and more difficult to locate and secure. Much of the time, if it is a proven prime whitetail property with a well-established reputation for producing quality deer, the place is out of the price range of the average hunter. […]