Locating those pesky breakers and fuses

The first thing that springs to mind when an electrical accessory stops working is a blown fuse or popped circuit breaker. In a new boat this usually means pressing the circuit breaker button next to the accessory’s switch or popping the cover off a box near the console and checking the fuse or breaker that protects the now powerless accessory.In the case of a used boat, especially if it has passed through several owners, this could be the start of an Easter egg hunt… […]

Freshwater Fishing

Crappie Hotspots – Pickwick Lake

Located at the most-northern reach of the Tom-Bigbee Waterway, Pickwick Lake is synonymous with crappie fishing to many anglers in the tri-state areas of Northeast Mississippi, Northwest Alabama, and Southern Tennessee.

Pickwick’s clear waters are in stark contrast to most of Mississippi’s other notable crappie lakes, but its reputation as a slab crappie fishery is well earned.

As cooler weather settles in for the season, two things occur that help crappie anglers hone in on their favorite game fish. With flood control as one of the lake’s primary objectives, the Tennessee Valley Authority begins drawing the impoundment down to winter pool. In reaction to both the receding and cooling water, crappie tend to congregate along the main channels of Pickwick’s major tributaries. […]

As Big As they Grow

The more the merrier

Since last month, the Magnolia Crappie Club and crappie fishing in general here in Mississippi has really gotten busy. Oh, I know that lots of Mississippi’s outdoorsmen turn their full attention toward deer hunting now, but trust me — not all of us spend every waking moment planning our next deer kill. […]

Inshore Fishing

November promise – Head to the Gulf Coast for great fall fishing

Why do anglers always look at me cross-eyed when I mention saltwater fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast in November or even later in year? What, they think this would be like ice fishing in Minnesota or something?

Sure, that Gulf wind might be a little stiff against the face, but once the fishing action heats up, everything will be forgotten about the fall weather.

Actually, as we have come to realize as deer hunters, the weather this month can actually be quite moderate. Some days it can be downright warm, so don’t ignore Gulf Coast fishing just because it’s the fall. Just dress accordingly, gear up appropriately and get into some of the very best redfish, speckled trout and floundering there is to be had. […]