Loading The Meat Pole

Taking a deer for the freezer is just as tough as taking a trophy buck. Many hunters certainly would not buy into that statement at all, because for years they have been successful at putting venison in the freezer but alas have yet to mount a big buck on the wall. Based on recent reports from the woods and fields though, this situation has been gradually changing over the past several seasons. […]

Deer Hunting

Hog Creek HC is a threatened oasis

Situated in the Jackson Metropolitan area along the banks of the scenic Pearl River between bustling Lakeland Drive and the sprawling Barnett Reservoir spillway lays a 4,000-acre wildlife oasis that is threatened by modern society’s insatiable urge to urbanize every remaining acre of unspoiled wilderness. […]


Are you ready for bow season? Really?

It may be way too hot and humid to be outside these days, but it’s that time again to limber up the ol’ bow. And at the same time, also getting the shoulders, arms, and neck muscles stretched in shape. Getting that sighting eye tuned in again is good practice now, too. Before you know it, our designated start-up archery season the first day of October will be here. […]


Know and Go

At my age I have just about broken all of my bad habits. I don’t smoke anymore (except for an occasional cigar at deer camp), don’t drink much either (well, maybe just a beer or two with my brother on fishing trips), no drugs at all (not counting a handful of prescription meds everyday), definitely don’t hang out at honky-tonks all night, and I no longer deer hunt at daybreak. […]


Time in the Woods

Theresa Edmonson scanned the surrounding winter wonderland in search of a deer. As her keen eyes probed the timber edge searching for bits and pieces of any deer, she spotted movement. Could this be the deer she was looking for? […]

Freshwater Fishing

Variety spices up Pickwick action

My pick this month is Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River in Northeast Mississippi. Pickwick is an unusual lake because it borders three states — Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. Although I’ll launch on the Mississippi side of the lake, I’ll run upriver to Alabama waters. You’ll need an Alabama fishing license as well as a Mississippi fishing license if you’re going to catch some of those big smallmouths, largemouths and stripers that will be concentrated below the dam at the headwaters of Pickwick Lake. […]


The Mayor of Arkabutla

Some anglers consider Kent Driscoll of Cordova, Tenn., a tournament crappie fisherman who travels the nation chasing papermouths, the mayor of Arkabutla Lake. It’s less than 30 miles from his house, and if Driscoll has three hours of daylight left after work, you’ll more than likely find him fishing at Arkabutla on the Coldwater River. […]