Right shotgun will hold child’s interest

The first wild game Brent ever took was a dove — and he killed it with a Daisy air rifle. Kell Munson and I were cleaning our limits of birds with more than an hour of daylight left. It had been a great hunt over browntop millet, and Brent, my stepson, had a lot of fun all afternoon running out to pick up my birds. […]


Public Patronage

Mississippi may have too many public land locations for hunting white-tailed bucks. Bet you never heard that statement made before. And you’re probably thinking where in the world did this guy come up with that one? […]

Bass Fishing

River Run

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bill Martin of Holly Springs, a tournament bass angler who fishes the ABA Grand Slam Pro Series, goes fishing every chance he gets. We asked Martin to name his two best places to catch Mississippi bass in September. […]


Eight Best Buck Counties

Larry Reece scanned spacious openings from his elevated stand one day during the 2001 Mississippi Primitive Arms deer season. His Knight muzzleloader was at ready as he spotted a big buck 150 yards distant. He made some grunts on his Hunters’ Specialty grunt tube. […]


For Pitre’s Sake!

There are numerous things in life that many people simply take for granted, or for some reason never take the time to fully explore or delve into. One of those treasures is Isle au Pitre and its accompanying marsh wonderland that sprawls southwesterly in a seemingly endless waterlogged prairie throughout Louisiana’s territories. […]


Handmade and Deadly

Adam Stewart scoured the surrounding woods in search of a deer, and marveled at the splendor of it all.The young hunter had joined his Uncle Bobby Pinkham for his first bow hunt, which took place in Lauderdale County. Though Stewart didn’t think he would like bowhunting, he finally gave in to his uncle’s pleadings. […]