Mango barbecue shrimp

If you haven’t been outside for a while, let me warn you, the temperature is leaning heavily toward the hot side. Cool days are in the mid-80s, and hot days steam into the 90s, with humidity numbers almost as high. Still, it’s comfortable most evenings to cook on your deck or patio.  […]


A better way to hook market shrimp

If you’re like me, you probably never gave much thought to how you actually hook dead shrimp when you’re targeting redfish. 

After all, they’re bullish bottom feeders with a great sense of smell — what difference could it possibly make, right? […]


Beginners guide to fishing live shrimp

Everyone knows how to fish with live shrimp, right?

Well, I’ve always taken that for granted, so when a neighbor told me about a recent trip to Grand Isle during which he killed every one of the 25-cent shrimp he had purchased I couldn’t help but laugh. […]


Shrimp-Stuffed Peppers

It is indeed unfortunate that many people pick the stuffing out of stuffed bell peppers, eat it and throw the peppers away, rather than cut them up and eat them with the stuffing. Green bell peppers, like any unripe fruit are more pungent than the ripe fruit. […]