The two Primary periods (Moon Overhead and Moon Underfoot) vary in length from one hour to three-and-one-half hours, depending on a number of important lunar cycles, such as how close the moon is to the earth that day and how high its orbit is. The secondary periods of Moonrise and Moonset last about one hour each…30 minutes before and after the listed time.

This lunar table is a trimmed-down version of its parent publication, the PrimeTimes, which is recommended for those wishing more complete data on the best days and times to go fishing and hunting for the entire year (see “Available Products” below)

PrimeTimes’ forecasts are based on solar/lunar research at a leading college of astrophysics and our own research pond/wildlife area. Annual data is supplied by the U.S. Naval Observatory. All times are adjusted to the center of your time zone and for Daylight Saving Time.

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