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Bass hearing

Sound detection is an effective sense for bass detecting their environment. Here’s how they hear, what they hear, what they don’t hear — and why it matters. […]

Paul Elias likes to fish a bladed jig in several different areas of the lake this time of year
Bass Fishing

Fish Bogue Homa in September

September is the month where grass begins to die and bass fishermen at Lake Bogue Homa can put their lures where they may not have been able to all summer. […]

Crappie will bite at night, especially if you follow a few guidelines.

Tips for slabs after dark

The details of your setup and presentation are important. Follow these tips to help you make the best of your night-fishing trips for crappie. […]

Fishing on drop-offs at the ledges and in Ross Barnett’s shallow water, you may not catch any monsters, but you should catch plenty of 11/2- to 2-pound bass.
Bass Fishing

Ross Barnett’s hot-weather bass

A good reason to fish Ross Barnett this month is because it’s a shallow lake with lots of vegetation, which provides shade, cover and oxygen for bass. […]

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