• Mississippi hunters with permits can begin to hunt alligators today at noon.


    Find the thermocline for more crappie

    With August here, the first step to catching most species of fish is to find the thermocline, which is the depth in the water column where the temperature is most comfortable and the most oxygen-rich.

    That’s where the crappie will be.

    August 21 at 6:00am

    3 tips to mop up on mangroves

    Every summer, when July and August roll around and Tommy Vidrine can tear himself away from catching hammer speckled trout at Grand Isle, he heads offshore in pursuit of another hard-fighting fish.

    He’s after mangrove snapper, and he said now’s the best time of the year to catch them.

    August 20 at 6:00am

    The best tide indicator

    When Matrix Shad soft-plastic lure creator Chas Champagne heads out in pursuit of speckled trout, he often relies on a tried-and-true, real-time indicator of tidal movement near his favorite fishing locations.

    August 18 at 3:00pm

    Tighter speck limits ‘coming’

    Mississippi is headed for a reduction in its speckled trout limits, and changes in both the daily creel and the allowable length on the popular game fish could soon be enacted.

    “It’s coming,” said Department of Marine Resources (DMR) executive director Jamie Miller, “if not at the September meeting, then October. Everything is on the table — size limits, slot limits, bag limits and even season closures.”

    August 18 at 3:20pm

    Hunters catch rattler taking rabbit out of season

    The penalty is death for taking rabbits out of hunting season, at least it was for one shoulder-less hunter caught in the act in late July during a deer camp workday in Jefferson County.

    August 18 at 10:45am

    Giant rodeo sharks now state records

    As expected, two giant sharks caught by an Alabama angler during the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo in July were certified as new state records Tuesday by the Commission on Marine Resources.

    August 18 at 9:30am

    Get up extra early to beat the heat

    August temperatures can be pretty rough on fishermen, and not just because of the heat. Lakes and rivers are full of recreational boaters, which can be as big a headache as 95-degree days with 80-percent humidity and no wind.

    August 18 at 6:00am

    Duck numbers slightly down

    Despite a 21 percent loss of nesting wetland habitat in the breeding grounds, the breeding duck population estimate of 48.4 million ducks remains well above the long-term average.

    August 17 at 10:30am

    MDWFP warns of lake ‘turn over’

    State fisheries biologists say they are anticipating fish kill reports in Southwest Mississippi related to the historic tropical-like system that had flooded many areas of the coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.

    August 17 at 10:00am

    Don’t wash your fishing spot

    Ken Sherman is a perfectionist, paying close attention to every detail involved in catching fish. And one of the things he says many bass anglers overlook is the importance of boat handling when approaching a log jam or tree.

    August 17 at 6:00am

    Top 5 tips for more jig bass

    Jigs were once thought of as primarily cold-weather lures, but anglers have proved over the past decade or so the baits will produce bites even in the heat of summer.

    But a lot of fishermen struggle to master jig fishing. Baton Rouge’s Ken Sherman, on the other hand, won lots and lots of money with that lure tied to the end of his line before giving up competitive fishing.

    August 16 at 6:00am

    Preseason strategies: 5 tips for scouting

    Deer season is just around the corner and hunters are preparing for opening day by trying to figure out where they’re going to hunt.

    August 15 at 6:00am

    August fishing hotspots

    Are you kidding? Hotspots in August? Heck, anywhere you fish it’s going to be hot this month, but as we all know, when the fish are biting the heat is easier to endure.

    And Mississippi has some great summer fishing despite its torrid dog days.

    August 14 at 6:00am

    5 tips for deep timber summer bass

    When temperatures soar during the hottest time of the year, largemouth bass will seek out “comfort zones” in order to survive during Mississippi’s torrid summers. 

    August 15, 2015 at 7:00am

    Fish don't like the heat either

    “Boy it’s hot. This is hot. It never got this hot in Brooklyn. This is like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.” Eugene Morris Jerome, the character played by Matthew Broderick in the movie Biloxi Blues

    I quote that line about 8 a.m. every day I fish during the summer, which is usually followed by my wife lovingly stating, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

    The older I get the more I’m affected by the brutal summertime heat, so to keep my trout hand strong I set the alarm clock early to ensure I’m on the water before the sun comes up.

    August 10 at 9:00am

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