• Waiting to feel the weight of the fish before setting means more hookups.


    Focus on bridges for summer bass

    Summer heat sends most bass to the depths, looking for cooler waters and food sources. Bass pile up around deep-water points and ledges, but one of the most-overlooked structures comes in the form of bridge pilings.

    July 19 at 6:00am

    Gator drawing is 9 a.m. Tuesday

    Tuesday is the big day for prospective alligator hunters in Mississippi — the day that the 920 available permits for the public waters season go on sale through an online process.

    July 18 at 1:30pm

    The key to a good night’s sleep

    There are two things that wake me up and keep me up: a barking dog and a snorer.

    So I’ve been known to scream at dogs in the middle of the night (hey, if the neighbor wants to sleep, he can stop his stupid dog from yapping). 

    July 18 at 6:00am

    Taking trout to school

    Scanning the horizon for flocks of diving birds feasting on shrimp is a tried-and-true method for locating schools of speckled trout across Louisiana’s coast.

    July 17 at 6:00am

    Wet line to respool reel

    Being a fishing guide, Capt. Curtis LeNormand probably re-spools more reels over the course of a year than even the most conscientious weekend angler.

    July 16 at 6:00am

    July’s hottest Mississippi fishing spots

    Yeah, it’s going to be hot out there, but isn’t it true that it’s only too hot to fish when the fish aren’t biting?

    You bet, so grab the sunscreen and let’s hit some July hotspots. 

    July 15 at 6:00am

    Okatibbee fun - This lake offers a lot of options

    I’m picking Okatibbee just north of Meridian to fish in July because it offers an early morning topwater bite, a good mid-morning technique and a tactic we can use to finish off the day.

    July 14 at 9:00am

    Magnolia surfing

    Capt. Glenn Ellis and I arrived at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor well before daylight, launched his boat and headed south.

    July 11 at 9:00am

    Testing the waters

    I went to the lake this morning with my 10-year-old granddaughter, Harlee Johnson. 

    “H.B. (I call her by her first two initials a lot of the time), we’re going to pull some new-to-us crankbaits this morning,” I said. “They’re called Flicker Shads. They look like the shad that these Barnett crappie like to eat.”

    July 08 at 9:00am

    Wonderful night tops great day on The Rez

    Descending gloriously, with an orange brilliance over the Natchez Trace, the sun may have been setting but not on our day of fishing on Barnett Reservoir. 

    July 11 at 11:00am

    Rogers shares Barnett summer crappie tips

    Rabbit Rogers may change the color of his jig heads and skirts, and he might even consider adding a minnow to the back end. But, that's secondary to another factor in catching crappie.

    July 11 at 9:30am

    Record tiger shark worth $20K

    Offer a $20,000 prize for a new state record tiger shark, and you can expect fishermen to target the toothy critters.

    July 08 at 11:30am

    Gator drawing is July 19

    The countdown has begun for the online drawing process for the 920 permits available for the statewide public waters alligator hunting season. 

    July 08 at 10:45am

    Natural growth — Native browse is important to deer

    Every deer hunter wants to grow more deer, specifically more bucks, and, in particular, bigger bucks.

    The truth is if you want to grow more bucks, then you also have to grow more does, since the antlerless deer contribute just as much to the genetics of the bucks as the male deer component of the breeding process. Ironically, some research suggests that the doe has an even greater genetic role than the buck. Either way, you have to have the does to get the job done. So, if you work to grow more deer, even does, then the result should statistically be more bucks as well.

    July 01, 2015 at 7:00am

    The sunfish clan - Part II: Redear sunfish

    The redear sunfish has many names. Topping the list is bream and redear bream, but other frequently spoken names are shellcracker and chinquapin.

    July 05 at 9:00am

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