Record swordfish worth $325,000

    South Carolina angler pockets nice reward in MGCBC
    June 20 at 4:00pm

    Make sure your summer is skeeter-free

    Protect yourself from Mississippi’s unofficial state bird
    June 20 at 6:00am

    Red snapper fishing opened Friday

    Deal means 39 more days in state, federal waters
    June 19 at 9:00am

    How to fish with a croaker

    June 19 at 6:00am

    Pro tips for targeting huge crabs

    Learn from two of Louisiana’s best to sack more Mississippi crabs.
    June 18 at 6:00am

    New app delivers the goods

    Relive every aspect and learn from each trip with Anglr Labs
    June 15 at 3:30pm

    Five hot spots to fish in June

    June 14 at 6:00am

    Changes in latitude - Fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast

    The Mississippi Gulf Coast offers a range of fishing options, from nearshore trout and reds to snapper and backbreaking amberjacks farther offshore. And this month is when the weather flattens and opens the door.
    June 01, 2016 at 7:00am

    First snakehead found in state

    Bow fishermen killed dreaded fish in Lake Whittington
    June 12 at 3:20pm

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