Bass Fishing

Strong River floats require preparation

It is blessing and a curse, but parts of the Strong River have little or no cell-phone service. Tall trees and high banks block the signal. For that reason, if no other, be sure to file a travel itinerary with someone who will take responsibility if you fail to show up at an appointed time.


Bass Fishing

Find a Strong spot

After his kayak passed over a log, left the current and slowed in a long, still run of the Strong River, Mark Golden realized the opportunity that presented and went into action.



Color catfish hot

September in Mississippi can be the hottest time of the year. Noted for the return of football, deer-camp workdays and oppressive heat, it is still the heart of summer — even though fall is on the horizon as the ninth month arrives.



Stick a WMA whitetail

Choosing a Wildlife Management Area to hunt during Mississippi’s archery season can be as simple or as complex as your desired result, from chasing a trophy, putting meat on the table or just enjoying deer encounters.


Bass Fishing

Pad pandemonium

“The year’s at the spring,

The days at the morn,

The mornings at seven,

The pad-stems dew pearled.

“The blackbirds are fussing,

The gators are sunning,

Bass are hitting topwater,

All’s right with the world.”