Squirrel season dates

Mississippi sportsmen 15 years old and younger get the first crack at squirrels by any means in Zone 1 from Sept. 22-28. Youth season in Zone 2 runs from Oct. 6–12, with Zone 3 opening from Oct. 20–26. […]

Other Hunting

Team up for better odds

Many boat hunters work in teams. For safety reasons, designate one shooter at a time and take turns. The person in the stern controls the boat and helps spot game while the designated shooter in the bow keeps the gun ready, pointing forward or off to one side with the muzzle facing outside the boat. […]

Other Hunting

Remember the basics for float trips

Even when hunting from a small boat, sportsmen must keep squirrel hunting basics in mind. Pole, paddle or motor slowly forward, pausing frequently to let the boat drift several feet while listening and looking for telltale movement that could indicate squirrel activity. […]

Other Hunting

Great squirrel-hunting options abound across the state for float trips

Magnolia State sportsmen enjoy more than 2 million acres of public land in 42 wildlife management areas, nine national wildlife refuges and six national forests. The national forests encompass nearly 1.2 million acres. Many public properties offer excellent squirrel hunting. Numerous rivers traverse the state, creating superb places to hunt squirrels by boat. […]


Mississippi bream come in all varieties

Even the most-renowned professional anglers probably started fishing for panfish, but many can’t really tell the various species apart. Frequently, they simply lump them all together as “bream,” “perch,” “sunfish” or a dozen other names. […]


Go deep: Head to deep water to catch lunker summertime bream

Intently scanning his electronics, the angler maneuvered his boat offshore to scrutinize every patch of bottom, looking for just the right cover in the depths below. “Bingo!” he exclaimed, tossing a yellow marker over the side so he could maintain contact with the honey hole in open water. “This is where we’ll find the really big ones.” […]