“Don’t pass up fishing the trunks of the cypress trees, since the bass may bed up against the trunks or the knees,” Paul Elias said.
Bass Fishing

March bassing at Bogue Homa

Bogue Homa, near Laurel, kicks off some of the best bass fishing in Mississippi for prespawn, spawning and postspawn bass in March, when bass start into the sparse dollar pads. […]

Bass Fishing

Fish Maynor Creek for November bass

On Maynor Creek, a 500-acre lake near Waynesboro, bass are generally holding shallow this month. The grass breaking up makes accessible sections of the lake that have been almost inaccessible to anglers earlier in the year; you can see baitfish concentrating in the grass and be able to catch the big bass that have been holding deep in the grass earlier in the year. […]

Bass Fishing

October bass at Bogue Homa

My October pick is one of the best fall bassing lakes in Mississippi is shallow, 882-acre Lake Bogue Homa with its several feeder creeks near Laurel. October is when the baitfish start moving out of deeper water and into shallow grass, vegetation and lily pads, with the bass following. Bass realize they need to put on weight for the cold weather that’s coming.  […]

Bass Fishing

Three-pronged bass approach at Lake Okhissa

I’m concentrating on 1,075-acre Lake Okhissa this month, since it is home to plenty of vegetation and numbers of big bass. September often is a tricky month to fish for bass; baitfish are starting to move into shallow water — with bass following them — and the vegetation is breaking up some, which means more areas will be available to fish than in the summer. My favorite lures will be surface lures, frogs and punch baits. […]

Bass Fishing

Head to the Tombigbee River for August bass

I like to fish rivers for bass in August, because they always have some current moving, and fish like that. The Tombigbee River that divides Alabama and Mississippi is one of my favorite rivers for August bassing. I’ll start fishing at the Columbus pool and also fish the Aliceville pool.