Deer Hunting

Coyote harassment and bedding

Coyotes are known for disrupting the whitetail’s normal feeding and bedding routines. This harassment can cause deer to be highly unpredictable, becoming more evasive in their attempts to throw off the canines. […]

Deer Hunting

Post-rut bedding

Once the rut slows down and the post-rut begins, surviving deer will eventually return to bedding sites used prior to the rut — as long as there was no intrusion. […]


Shoot or Don’t Shoot

Patiently you wait, enduring the cold conditions. Finally the woodland silence is broken by the slight rustling of withered leaves as the game you’ve been pursuing makes its presence known. […]

Deer Hunting

Deer Dynamics: Post-Rut

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part two of a 12-part series in which renowned wildlife photographer Tommy Kirkland gives readers an inside look into the private world of whitetail deer.Click here to read more on Deer Dynamics: Post-Rut […]