Rabbit season is open

Jonathan Thames was wearing a big smile Friday while stocking up on 20-gauge 7½ shotgun shells at a sporting goods store in Flowood, and he was as happy as a high school kid on the final day of school. […]


Small game: Squirrel first, then rabbits

October is a big month for small-game enthusiasts, with the opening of the statewide squirrel season on Oct. 1 and the statewide rabbit season on Oct. 13, giving both several weeks of hunting before the opening of gun season on deer on Nov. 17. […]


More facts on rabbits

Female cottontail rabbits are called does, and they begin breeding in January and continue through September, with litter sizes ranging from four to five young. A single doe may add 20 to 25 young to the population in a single year. Gestation for the cottontail is 28 days, and the female may rebreed while still nursing young. The average age of a wild cottontail is 15 months. […]


Smaller, but tasty

February is small-game month in most of Mississippi, a time for rabbit and squirrel hunters to hit the fields and woods in a search for ingredients for a pot of gumbo, sauce piquant, dumplings or just plain ol’ fried happiness. […]