Marion County hogs

Went hunting the morning of Dec. 5 with high hopes of killing a nice buck, but just like the day before it turned into a hog hunt. On Dec. 4, while slipping through a creek bottom, I ran across a nice sow weighing 110 pounds and was very blessed to get a good clean shot on her. On Dec. 5, while scouting and following some buck sign, I found myself surrounded by hogs. I picked out the biggest one and fired off a shot at 30 yards with my 45-70. I landed a great shot and had a good blood trail on a 250-pound boar. I had a great time retrieving both hogs with my family. Being ground level with a couple of nice hogs like these sure makes for a good adrenaline rush! Over the years the hog population has increased and as an avid hunter I feel it is my responsibility to help maintain the population.

– Justin Singley

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