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Some new plastic frogs had people hoppin’ to pick them up during the two-day God & Great Outdoors Expo this summer in Brownsboro, Texas. Bass anglers were drawn like a magnet to the Frog Guru Baits booth where Joshua Baudoin of Franklin, La., was exhibiting his Glider Frogs and Popping Frogs. Their popularity has soared since he introduced his plastic frogs late last year.

Baudoin, 30, said he fished most of the major brands of plastic frogs for years.

“I’ve always loved frog fishing,” he said. “When it came down to it, I was sick and tired of paying $12, $13 for a topwater frog. So I designed my own, my own colors and everything. I sent it to a bulk manufacturer and they manufacture it for me, manufacturing and packaging. It’s the only way to stay competitive.”

Baudoin finally did something about the hits to his wallet in March 2022, when he carved into a hunk of foam to get the look he wanted for his plastic frog. That was the beginning.

He took it further. Through contacts in China, he reached out to a manufacturer in that country.

“I went through 30 or 40 prototypes before I finally found one I liked,” he said, noting he’d give a thumbs up to what he preferred or gave instructions about what he wanted changed.

Got it together

After four months, Baudoin and his fiancée, Alexandra Dupuis, got the ball rolling for an LLC on Frog Guru Baits, which they own together. Baudoin said Dupuis, who grew up targeting speckled trout out of her family’s camp has been his biggest supporter in the venture.

“She loves it,” he said. “She’s really backing me all the way. She loves fishing. I tell you that.”

Baudoin said he specified the weight he wanted and the hooks (Owner brand plastic frog hooks) he preferred. One of the plusses is an addition to the hook that fits into the plastic frog.

“That’s what’s different with ours is there’s a piece of rubber on the hook that fills the hole so it doesn’t sink on the 10th cast,” he said. “And our Popping Frog’s different because it sits in the water like a Pop-R.”

It will last

This nice-sized bass gobbled a “green frog”-colored Frog Guru Baits Glide Frog it saw moving across a sheet of duck weed in a pond.

Frog Guru Baits opened for business in November 2022. The product has survived early and repeated tests by bass anglers across the country. It’s gaining in popularity because of its quality, design, makeup, fresh colors and durability.

“This frog will last,” Baudoin said. “I’ve caught 50 bass on one frog. The hook still has sharpness to it. It’s just a good, all-around frog.”

His social media platform has 50,000 followers as of mid-September while sales have been made in all 50 states, according to Baudoin.

“We’re slowly getting the name out there,” he said.

“I do not have a single bad review yet from all the fishermen,” he said. “They say it’s the best frog. The best part about it is I made a decision to make it the most affordable frog on the market and online. At stores and on the website it’s $7.50.”

The Glide Frogs are 2.5 inches long and the Popping Frogs are a tad shorter at 2.3 inches long. Both are lightweight. The matching rubber skirt on the Glide Frog is nearly 4 inches long and a little more than 3 inches long on the Popping Frog.

As of mid-September the plastic frogs were available in eight colors, including the overwhelming favorite — Honey Bee.

“That’s what everybody’s buying off the website,” he said. “That’s the hottest frog on the market.”

For more information on the Frog Guru Baits Glide Frog and Popper Frog plastic frogs and other Frog Guru Baits products, go to or call (870) 584-6325.

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