Mister Twister 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm

Shanda Sinkey of Frisco, Texas, hooked and boated this 8.72-pound bass on Mother’s Day on an 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm, new from Mister Twister, while she was fishing on Lake Fork with her husband, Chris Sinkey.

Bass angler Chris Sinkey of Frisco, Texas, had an idea before Mother’s Day how effective an 8-inch Mister Twister plastic worm with a special tail might be on his home lake, Lake Fork.

Mister Twister, one of his sponsors, hadn’t yet introduced the 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm. Sinkey, however, had been pinching off 12-inch Mag BUZZ Worms just above the enlarged sack and catching bass on the tweaked worms for approximately a year.

In early April, Sinkey sent a photo of one of the tweaked 12-inchers to Mister Twister sales manager Darryl Laurent and wrote, “Cut the buzz worm down to about 8-inch this weekend and did pretty good on it. May be an idea.”

Unbeknownst to Sinkey, Mister Twister was ahead of him.

“I sent it to Darryl and asked, ‘ever thought of making an 8-inch? You don’t really have anything in between a 6- and 10-inch.’”

“Funny you mentioned it. This is what we’re coming out with,’ ” Laurent said. And Laurent sent him three bags of 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worms before Mother’s Day.

Sinkey and his wife, Shanda, caught 16 bass, big and small, that weekend, most of them on Mother’s Day. She caught an 8.72-pounder — a little more than 24 inches long — on the 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm, he said.

He was sold on it. Naturally, his wife was, too.

“I told him, ‘Man, that is the perfect worm.’ He was kind of concerned and asked if the tail ripped. I told him we didn’t have a single one split. ”

A new favorite

Sinkey, 46-year-old owner of J&H Truck Service, which hauls aggregate material for construction, has been with Mister Twister for nearly four years. His favorite before the 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm hit the market recently was Mister Twister’s BUZZ Bug.

Until a few years ago, Sinkey did more than hold his own on several pro bass fishing tournament circuits in the Lone Star State. He scaled back his tournament activities to devote more time to his family and his business.

With a house also on the shoreline of Lake Fork, he manages to get in plenty of time on the water with his wife, friends and youngsters. He also coaches and serves as captain for high school bass anglers, including his own boys.

Mister Twister 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm

The Sinkeys fish the 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm almost exclusively on a ¼-ounce Santone Lures Piglet Shakey Head. Usually, he fishes it in 15- to 20-foot depths. He suggested to those who want to Texas rig the plastic worm to use a 3/0 or 4/0 hook under a ¼-ounce worm weight.

How to fish it

The all-around outdoorsman said he doesn’t drag the plastic worm across the bottom. Instead, he and his wife retrieve it with subtle, light hops, like you would do with a drop shot. That hopping action triggers that tail, he said.

“I’ve always been a fan of cutter tail worms. It’s a great feature. The way the worm tapers and narrowness near the tail gives it wavy action. The cutter tail of the worm moves water,” he said.

“Since the introduction of the Mag 12 BUZZ Worm, we have had a lot of calls for a smaller size, 8 to 10 inches. Most of these requests were due to the fact fishermen were saving their used Mag 12s and cutting them off at the top of the egg sack and reusing them at around 8 ½ inches,” Laurent said.

“So, developing the Mag 8 Buzz Worm was fairly easy from the start, just working out the actual length against thickness and tail sizing. Starting out, we are introducing 14 colors covering solid colors with flake, colors with multi-colored tails, laminated colors and our classic red bloodline color.”

For more information about the 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm and other Mister Twister products, call 318-377-8818 or visit www.mistertwister.com.

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