Staying organized makes it all easier

A section of pool noodle makes for a great way to wrap pre-tied rigs for storage.

Crappie pro Dan Dannenmueller takes his rig-building seriously, and he’s seldom caught without a suitable option for a given scenario. Single rigs, doubles, lighter weights or perhaps something with a faster fall — he likes to stay prepared for whatever a lake may throw at him.

Such effort means exactly squat if he can’t promptly reach the rig he needs.

In the interest of organization and access, Dannenmueller hass rows of individually packed Rig Rap boxes ( snapped into quick-release trays in his boat’s center tackle storage. When he’s fishing, he snaps several loaded Rig Raps into custom tracks next to his rod holders. In short, he can replace a lost/damaged rig or switch out rig design or color.

For more cumbersome double rigs, Dannenmueller employs Tackle Buddy rollers ( Wrapping rigs around this rubber core ensures neat, convenient access and quick identification of specific design.

Rigs can also be stored in individual Rig Rap boxes.

Doug Cherry, another crappie pro, values the same preparation, but he offers an inexpensive option for do-it-yourselfers using foam pool noodles.

“I can buy them on sale for $1 apiece and I can cut (several) rig holders out of one noodle,” Cherry said.

Matching the noodle width to the appropriate tackle tray affords a customized storage system that anyone can make.

Organizational options are many, so figure out what works for you and spend less time looking and more time fishing.

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