Ignik FireCan Deluxe Fire Pit + Grill

The perfect campfire/grill combo

Campfires have never been easier than this! And if you’ve got cooking on your mind, the Ignik FireCan Deluxe Fire Pit + Grill is the perfect combination to take on your next outdoor adventure.

Shaped like (and as portable as) a military-style ammo can, this propane-powered campfire/grill heats things up quickly and conveniently, and makes an ideal gathering spot after a long day afield.

The removable grill insert makes it easy to cook, and removes the need to pack an additional cooking grate.

The dual-action fuel output has two modes, one for cooking and one for use as a firepit. This allows you to produce the right-sized flame, and right amount of heat, for either activity.

Foldable legs open to elevate it off the surface, then fold back down for storage and transport. The included propane hose and adapter stow securely inside when not in use, adding to the unit’s portability.

Whether you’re looking for a campfire or to cook that streamside meal or hearty breakfast, the FireCan Deluxe Fire Pit + Grill gets it done in style.

For more info, visit: ignik.com

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