Morakniv Floating Knife

This knife floats and is easy to see

The Morakniv floating knife is the perfect companion for any adventure that puts you on or near the water. With a flexible, 4mm Swedish stainless steel blade and natural cork handle, the 49-gram knife floats, so no worries if you drop it. The lime green top and sheath make it easy to locate.

The knife’s total length is 9.25 inches, including the 3.8-inch blade. The polymer sheath features a clip for attaching to your belt, life jacket, backpack or any other desired object. And the company’s signature smart button allows you to link several knives from their Craft segment together.

Don’t let the light weight of this knife fool you; it’s a workhorse made of quality materials. The 1.4mm thick blade holds its edge so whenever you’re cutting bait, cleaning fish, or slicing through anything from anchor rope to canvas, this knife won’t let you down.

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