Perfect solution for time-released scent bombs

Pill bottles, absorbent cotton, some discarded hosiery, a couple of rubber bands and your favorite deer lure can make for “scent bombs” that can be deployed at just the right time to attract a big buck.

Panty hose, pill bottles give hunter full control

Deer hunters have been trying to figure out for years how to best present their liquid buck lure at the right time and place to do the most good.

Manufacturers have understood the problem, and in recent years they’ve been including in the packages of doe urine or buck lure some sort of absorbent material that can be soaked and hung to attract deer.

But that doesn’t solve one part of the problem: You don’t want to have your “scent bombs” out too far before daylight, when they might attract bucks that you can’t see to shoot.

One of my long-time hunting buddies solved that problem several years ago. He took a further step in the practice of stuffing cotton balls in a small, plastic film canister, and then soaking them with buck lure and setting them out around his stand  — right after a big buck came wandering in and put its nose right down on one of my buddy’s scent bombs a good 20 minutes before legal shooting time.

The extra step enables hunters to get to their stand well before daylight and distribute their scent bombs in an effective way only when it gets light enough to see and shoot. And it didn’t take too many deer for his wife to forgive him for ruining a pair of her panty hose.

Step by step, here’s how he made his last-second scent bombs.

With digital photographer by and large replacing film and making film canisters obsolete, he’s gone to using plastic pill bottles.

He stuffs a bottle with cotton balls or some other absorbent material. Then, he cuts an approximately 3-square-inch piece of panty hose, which he stretches over the opening of the plastic bottle and secures with a rubber band.

He pours liquid deer scent through the porous hosiery material and let it soak into the cotton, and then screws the lid on tight.

When he gets to his deer stand, he typically carries a handful of scent bombs. A few minutes before legal shooting light arrives, he unscrews the tops and throws them in different directions around his stand.

The hosiery and rubber bands keep the soaked cotton in the canister.

When the hunt’s over, he just picks up the little plastic bottles, screws on the tops and he’s ready for another hunt.

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