MDWFP unveils new Mississippi State Parks logo

For almost a century, Mississippi State Parks have welcomed guests and provided a quiet getaway for families and friends to reconnect with nature and each other. As a tourism destination, they are committed to conserving and enhancing the essence of what makes Mississippi State Parks special.

To symbolize their mission and the connection they have with their guests, this logo has been developed to represent their growth and renewed intention. It also celebrates the history of their story. A new era is beginning, and this new logo solidifies the core values of adventure, environmental stewardship and conservation, community engagement, and quality outdoor recreation of Mississippi State Parks.


Serves as a symbol of protection over Mississippi’s historical, natural, and cultural treasures.

Horizontal lines

Serves as a portrayal of the delicate transition between land, water, and sky that defines our state’s breathtaking scenery.


Serves as a beacon of Mississippi’s rich natural heritage and the diverse wildlife that thrives within it. The pinecone is a call to the history at Mississippi State Parks, reminding visitors that even though things may be changing – they are still Always in Season.

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