Deer Hunting

Late-season scrapes and rubs

As we transition from the holiday season into the New Year, we deer hunters find ourselves entering the fourth quarter, so to speak, of the 2015/2016 season.

According to where you are geographically, the rut is either full on or is just beginning to wind down. […]

Bass Fishing

Bet on Okatibbee Lake for cold-weather fishing action

I enjoy fishing 4,144-acre Okatibbee Lake near Meridian during January. With its 28 miles of shoreline, the lake is an important feature in the development of the Pascagoula River Basin, a project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers authorized by Congress in 1962 for flood reduction on 26,000 acres of residential, industrial and agricultural lands along Okatibbee Creek and the upper Chickasawhay River. […]

As Big As they Grow

Fishing the right depths

Last month I told you about the “blue man” I ran into on a cold January day several years ago over in East Texas. He had turned blue because he was so cold and didn’t want to leave the lake because he was catching some of the biggest deep water slabs I’ve ever seen. […]