Above and Beyond

The hunting terrain across North Mississippi is some of the most varied in the state. Hunters have an option of taking deer from the lower reaches of the Appalachians to the deep, rich soils along the Mississippi River. […]


Fly to Eagle

Few lakes in the state stir the hearts of crappie fishermen like Eagle. An old oxbow, now locked out from the constant fluctuations of Muddy Bayou and the Yazoo River beyond, Eagle Lake is co-managed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and the Eagle Lake Management Board. […]


Gear up now for gun season

Just before the start of the first firearms season last year, which the state officially calls “Gun Season with Dogs,” I made the rounds to several of the top hunting gear outlets in the Jackson area. What I found were full parking lots, a buzz of folks coming and going with some acting like they were in a sort of panic like the supplier was maybe going to run out of the exact item they needed. […]

As Big As they Grow

Ingenious invention keeps tourney fish alive

The crappie fishing season — at least the crappie tournament fishing season — is in full swing. The last few years have brought more and more interest in fall crappie fishing. The tournament circuits have recognized this, and the two national circuits — Crappiemasters and Crappie USA — have moved their National Championship tourneys to the fall. […]