Unlocking the Mississippi duck code

Hunters who plan on killing limits of ducks this year still have a lot of work in front of them to make sure they are in the right place at the right time.

Float up a duck – Limit out on ducks on a Mississippi float trip

Two things you’ll find in abundance across Mississippi this month are ducks and flowing waterways.

Decoy spread details

Larry Reynolds criss-crosses the Louisiana coastline multiple times each fall — cruising at 100 knots with a bird’s-eye view from just 125 feet up, estimating the number of ducks that have arrived in the state’s [...]

Early season Mississippi Ducks: Take ‘em or leave ‘em?

Duck hunters have two basic, different philosophies on how to handle early arriving waterfowl in December, before the main migration finally reaches Mississippi.

DIY duck blind dog stand

A little time spent with a saw and basic lumber supplies can get you a duck blind dog stand for a fraction of the cost.

DIY decoy rigging

Today’s waterfowl decoys come in innumerable shapes, sizes and species applicable to various hunting situations

No. 1 key to duck success

Duck numbers along the Mississippi River Flyway have fluctuated both up and down throughout history.  Ducks along the flyway once darkened Mississippi’s skies. Mississippi was an important stopover for birds making their way south, and [...]

Taxidermy do’s and don’ts for ducks

Award-winning taxidermist Shane Candler offers the following “tax tips” for waterfowlers to insure they get a good jump on a good mount.

Conditional awareness — Learn when to duck hunt timber and when to hunt ag fields

Twas cold and shivering, all through that pit blind in the heart of Mississippi’s Delta. The low, early morning sky spit a bit of sleet, rain and even snow through the light fog.

Duck Down-low — Tips to keep birds falling into your decoy spread

With fewer ducks and more hunters competing for limited hunting territory, successful waterfowlers need to reach deep into their decoy sack of tricks.