5.11 Ferro Knife

Handy knife with built-in firestarter

Completely unobtrusive when not needed, but readily handy when the time comes, the 5.11 Ferro Knife is up for any cutting task. But this is more than just a sharp blade.

Need to get the campfire started? Remove the Ferro stick and scrape it against the knife’s striking surface to produce 3000-plus degree Fahrenheit sparks. It’s a joy to have at the camp, and an absolute necessity if you find yourself in a survival situation.

The 2.3-inch drop point blade is compact but more than capable, with its high-visibility stainless steel construction, coated with Teflon for ease of cleaning.

The included sheath locks the blade in when not in use, and keeps it handy on your belt, a pocket, or the webbing of your rucksack.

Strategically-placed finger grooves keep your grip solid, even in slippery conditions.

This small knife packs a heavy punch, and is one you don’t want to leave home without.

For more info, visit: 511tactical.com

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