KULA 10 Magnepod Cooler

A new premium cooler

The big brother of the KULA 5, this larger version is the latest offering from the same folks that make BOTE paddleboards and kayaks.

With a 10-gallon capacity, this cooler has room for a full day’s worth of drinks and snacks. Like other roto-molded coolers, it keeps ice for days, but this isn’t just another cooler.

The unique shape, the heavy-duty handle, the built-in bottle opener, and the padded lid set it apart. And the two Magnepod attachment points keep your KULA drink bottles and coozies secure, thanks to super strong magnets. The drain hole sits in the middle of the cooler’s slightly-elevated bottom, allowing liquids to drain without the need to tip the cooler or pour out its contents.

Corner feet keep the cooler secure, and the two beefy rubber handles keep the lid locked down to keep the cold in.

This cooler doubles as a seat, and can even be used as a casting platform.

For more info, visit: boteboard.com

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