Arcade/Marsh Wear belt

Infinitely adjustable belt with style

You know what the world could use less of? Belts with a bunch of holes that never get used.

Another problem with conventional belts? They’re not infinitely adjustable. You find a hole that’s close enough and roll with it.

And if one hole does happen to make your belt fit perfectly, it’s too tight once you sit down or bend over. And don’t get me started on what happens when you eat that extra hot dog at the 4th of July party!

Thankfully, the Arcade/Marsh Wear belt solves those problems and more. They’ve replaced the bulky buckle with a clasp that secures simply but solidly. No holes needed thanks to the 100-percent adjustable belt/buckle combo. And the stretchy belt material means you’ve always got room for dessert.

Available in four colors/patterns that are perfect for sportsmen in the woods, on the water, or when hanging with the crew, you’re all set for any event or activity.

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