Best baits for marsh bass

Creature baits that resemble invertebrates are good alternatives for the voracious appetites of marsh bass.

Crawfish imitators take top spot

Marsh bass feed heavily on invertebrates. So anglers should fish trenasses that drain marsh ponds, small bayous that drain into large bayous right at the mouth, pipelines and ditches with water flowing to take advantage of prime ambush areas.

Productive baits include those that mimic the creatures upon which these bass feed include Stanley’s ItzaBug and Y-NOT, Zoom’s Baby Brush Hogs and PowerBait Sabertail Burly Bugs.

Marsh regions don’t really run deep, so great bass fishing is typically in less than 5 feet of water. That means crankbaits don’t need to dive deep — just have plenty of action.

Two other great options for shallow-water fishing are Rebel’s Crickhoppers and Teeny Wee Crawfish.

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