Toadfish Ultimate Shears

These shears are the perfect cutting companion for sportsmen

Here’s a high-performing set of shears that handles everything a sportsman can throw at it.

Right at home on the water (fresh or salt), the marine-grade materials keep it sharp and well maintained. Cut through rope, wire, and all types of fishing line, including braided line, with ease and comfort, thanks to the ultra-sharp blades and ergonomic handles, which feature built-in rubber grips.

And these aren’t just for the boat. They are equally qualified (and perfectly elegant) for the kitchen, where they easily cut through poultry, fish, beef and vegetables. The back side of one blade doubles as a fish scaler.

The locking feature keeps the shears closed when not in use, and the spring mechanism pops it right open when it’s time to start cutting. A lanyard hole allows sportsmen to keep it handy, and an optional sheath allows mounting in various way. No detail was overlooked in crafting the Toadfish Ultimate Shears.

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