iPhones, iPads now fully compatible with forums

MS-Sportsman.com users can now post photos to the forum directly from their iPhones and iPads by using the free app CliqCliq QuickPic.

Free app needed to post photos from iPhones, iPads

Photos can now be posted to the MS-Sportsman.com forum directly from iPhones and iPads by using the free third-party app CliqCliq QuickPic.

“We’ve been working hard to find a way to make Apple mobile devices fully compatible with our forums, and our IT staff has finally worked out all the bugs,” the site’s Andy Crawford said. “Now our many iPhone users can upload photos right from their boats and hunting leases!”

Androids already are fully compatible with MS-Sportsman.com.

All iPhone and iPad users need do is download the free CliqcCiq QuickPic app to their device – and the MS-Sportsman.com system does the rest. The app is available through the Apple App Store.

“QuickPic allows our users to browse their Apple devices just like a computer, which always has been the hurdle when trying to upload photos to our site,” Crawford said. “And the use of the app is seamlessly integrated into our forum system.”

In other words, registered users simply post their report and check the box to include an image – just as they would on their computers.

“Our system recognizes that the user is using an iPhone or iPad, and will automatically direct the user to a page specifically designed for use with these mobile devices,” Crawford explained.

When the “Submit” button is clicked, the user is then taken to a page that will allow a caption to be written. There also is a direct link to download the CliqCliq QuickPic app.

“Once the caption is written and the ‘Add Photo’ button is selected, the QuickPic app is automatically opened to allow users to browse their photo galleries and select a photo for use with the report,” Crawford said. “Just select the desired photo and tell QuickPic to upload it.

“Once uploading is completed, the app is automatically closed and the user is directed right back to MS-Sportsman.com. It’s a seamless process.”

Unfortunately, QuickPic is not compatible with the MS-Sportsman.com classified section at this time.

“Our classified system is a lot more complex, so more work has to be done on that side of things,” Crawford explained. “But allowing the use of iPhones and iPad on our reports forums is a huge step forward!”

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