Grey Man Tactical Hunting Rack

Your hunting gear has never been more accessible than it will be with the Seatback Hunting Gun Rack RMP Package from Grey Man Tactical.

This unique mounting system keeps your gun, binoculars, knife, flashlight – you name it, and it’s got a secure place to fit on this panel that attaches easily to the rear of any vehicle’s front seat.

Crafted of injection molded, glass-filled nylon, the sturdy panel is 2 inches thick, weighs 60 ounces, and has numerous hooks, loops, clamps and straps, keeping your gear safe and secure while driving, but ready to quickly deploy once at your desired location.

This rack will serve you throughout the year whether you’re deer hunting, waterfowling, small-game hunting, shooting sporting clays or going to the rifle range.

Transporting and keeping your hunting gear organized and ready for use has never been more convenient.

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