Late-season deer checklist

Mature, heavy-bodied bucks, run ragged by the rut, can still make mistakes in January. A hunter just has to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage.

• Hunt near food sources late in the season, as food will be scarce and the bucks and does will be in the vicinity.

• Hunt thickets, stream management zones or other areas that might be overlooked and left alone. Find the area that’s least-impacted by human intervention, and you’ll probably find some deer.

• Utilize game cameras to locate and find late-season bucks that may have moved into your area during the rut looking for does or food sources.

• Hunt wide-open spaces such as fields, cutovers or powerlines during the late season so you can cover a lot of ground.

• Hunt trails leading to and from food plots by placing stands back off the plots where you can intercept bucks that normally arrive after dark.

• Hunt mid-day if possible, as bucks will pattern hunters who go in early and late in the day.

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Mike Giles of Meridian has been hunting and fishing Mississippi since 1965. He is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, seminar speaker and guide.

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