ScentLok OZ Active-Odor Destroyers

Hunters, especially those that target whitetails, will go to great lengths to try and eliminate or cover their scents, knowing that while they might fool a buck’s eyes and ears, they’re less likely to fool its nose.

The folks at ScentLok have attacked the problem in recent years by producing clothing and related products to get and keep clothing odors to a minimum. Now, they’ve gone a step further, with a product to destroy existing odors.

ScentLok’s OZ Active Odor-Destroyers are compact deodorizers that push ozone molecules into the air, where they destroy the bacteria and odors with which they come in contact. The Odor-Destroys come in four sizes: OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer, OZ20B Portable Deodorizer, OZ100 Small Room Deodorizer and OZ500 Large Room Deodorizer.

The OZ20 model, which plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter, worked well removing odors from a camper trailer being prepared for sale: the musty, mildew smell was gone overnight. The OZ20B has at least one great use: put it inside a plastic container where hunting clothes are stored to kill odors the night before a hunt. It comes with a rechargeable battery with an 8-hour life, has a USB charging cable and includes a 12-volt DC plug-in.

MSRP for the vehicle deodorizer is $39.99, for the portable deodorizer, $99.99, for the small room model $99.99 and for the large room deodorizer, $149.99.

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